RCC Wall Compound

RCC Wall Compound


Precast Boundary Wall

Our precast boundary wall system provides the look of a traditional brick masonary wall while at the same time providing cost effectiveness, durability, strength and ease of installation. Our products are designed to withstand
harsh conditions and can be installed in fraction of the time.

Technical Information:

1. Brick Texture on one or both sides with or without integral color.
2. The post is embedded in ground up to a depth of 2 ft
3. Posts are set 1.615 m to 1.665 m on center based on size of the post.
4. Panels are stacked one on top of the other
Concrete compressive strength of M-30 at 28 days.
5. Steel reinforced posts & panels.
6. Boundary walls can be built in height ranging from 6ft to 8ft above ground.
7. Concertina coil can be optionally attached to the top of the post.

Precast boundary Wall Installation:

1. A pit is dug with a depth of 2ft and dia of minimum 300mm.
2. The bottom of the pit is leveled by using kachi rodi.
3. The post is inserted in the pit and the gap is filled with lean concrete. (1:3:6 mix design)
4. The panels are lowered horizontally into the grooves of two adjacent poles
5. While installing poles it is important to ensure verticality, accurate center to center distance and that the posts are in the same vertical plane.

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