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RCC Manholes Covers and Frames

4 reasons why you should use Kathe cement manhole covers and frames (Besides the fact that they are strong)

Our Covers will always be removable from the frame: In typical IS-standard cover a mild-steel strip is provided around the cover as edge protection. This strip tends to get corroded over a period of time which eventually results in cover getting permanently stuck in the frame. Our covers do not suffer the same fate as we don't provide ms strip.

Our covers are easy to lift :We provide hooks on the periphery of the cover. This allows a workman to easily lift the cover using a pick axe while getting leverage from the frame.

Our hooks will last a lifetime: We hot dip galvanize our hooks which inhibits corrosion and ensures that our hooks will lat a longtime without failure.

Our holes will never get choked: Diverging configuration of the holes ensures that any debris either stays on top or passes through.