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Precast Drains

Kathe cement pipes industry slit drains, u-drains, saucer drains and drain/trench covers which meet a variety of storm water drainage requirements.

Slit Drains - Slit drain is ideal where you would like to provide drainage which is not visible. Water enters the drain through a tiny slit of 20mm. The drain top surface blends seamlessly with the surrounding flooring. These drains are strong enough to withstand light commercial vehicular loads.

U Drains - U drains are good for naturally sloping areas or over small lengths. These have no in-built slope. Suitable covers can also be provided based on the application.

Saucer Drains - Saucer drains are often installed next to kerb stones and provide drainage of water along the road length. The saucer shape of the drain improves the water flow properties. These can also be provided with holes which allow water to drain into a chamber.

Drain/Trench covers - We manufacture covers of various widths and load bearing capacities. The covers can be solid or perforated. They can also be provided with lifting hooks. Our covers incorporate proper cover blocks for reinforcement which significantly enhances the durability of our covers.